SNuBIC Projects

This research unit follows a broad vision but implements a concrete exemplary approach. The projects are grouped into three distinct focus areas:

(A) Modeling of Coupled Systems. These projects identify processes in which the coupling pattern remains challenging already at the analytical or modeling level. Before structure-preserving numerical methods can be fully applied, fundamental modeling research is required, while not losing sight of numerical feasibility.

(B) Numerical Methods for Coupling. Core projects of the research unit that consider multiphysics or multi-model coupling of physical systems. This includes proper momentum and energy exchange, entropy-stability, but also model cascades and model error estimation for dynamic multi-model simulations.

(C) Coupling Algorithms. These are cross-sectional projects that derive and implement generic algorithms for coupling of PDEs. Two main areas will be considered: mesh infrastructure and time integration.

The underlying computational methods will be flux-oriented, which creates another focal point towards which the projects gravitate. Note that we explicitly refrain from proposing a single monolithic simulation software, in order to keep flexibility. Instead, we focus on a flexible multi-scale multiphysics coupling software library that is adjustable and available to all researchers.