Project B3

Project B3

Principal Investigator:
Christiane Helzel, Applied Mathematics, Heinrich-Heine University Düsseldorf

Main Collaborators in the Research Unit:
Gregor Gassner, Division of Mathematics, University of Cologne
Manuel Torrilhon, Applied and Computational Mathematics, RWTH Aachen University

Structure-Preserving Methods for Complex Fluids

We construct numerical methods for a system of partial differential equations consisting of a kinetic equation coupled to a macroscopic flow equation, which models sedimentation in suspensions of rod-like particles. A hierarchy of moment equations will be derived which approximates the high-dimensional scalar kinetic equation with a lower dimensional system. The number of moment equations will be adjusted locally based on the dynamics of the problem. This requires an interface coupling of moment systems with different resolution. For the underlying mathematical model thermodynamic consistency can be shown. We will investigate whether this structure can be preserved by the numerical method.

Kinetic Simulations Moment Models