New High-Performance Compute Node in Aachen

To enable testing and small production runs on a state-of-the-art machine, the institue of Applied and Computational Mathematics (ACoM) at RWTH Aachen acquired a single node high-performance computer. The heart of the Dell PowerEdge machine are two 5nm AMD EPYC 9374F processors with 32 cores/64 threads, 256MiB L3 Cache and 12 memory channels each. To utilize every memory channel, the system is equipped with 24 16GiB DDR5 main memory units, resulting in a total of 384 GiB main memory. The system is completed with a 10GBit network adapter and two SSD storage units with 480 GiB and 3,8 TiB.

This system enables the simulation of large 2D and small 3D problems, as depicted in the image.

Momentum.jpg Transonic flow around NACA0012 airfoil computed with Trixi.jl on momentum.

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