Presentation: Fluid and particle scale simulations on the magnetic processes in the corona of the Sun

Presentation by Dr. Philippe Bourdin from the University of Graz. Philippe has been using and developing numerical codes for Astrophysics, particularly the modelling of the solar corona.


Today's numerical science is often limited by computing power. Nontheless, there are also other constraints, like the proper choice of numerical methods for distinct physical processes on different spatial or temporal scales. We investigate the processes in the magnetic field, like reconnection and helicity generation, with magneto-hydrodynamic and particle-kinetic simulations. A direct comparison or connection of the two types of models is difficult because the time scales and spatial scales hardly overlap. One remedy to this problem might be tampering with physical constants, like the electron mass. We check what is the effect on this widely applied simplification for plasmas in space and fusion research.

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